Elevating roofs change vans into campervans. They turn a space that can feel a little claustrophobic into a much more open area, that allows you to stand up and stretch out. The roof space also allows for the addition of a double bed for people to sleep.

rockin vans austops roofs

What we offer

Austops roofs are a Rockin Vans favourite, fitted to our rental campers since 2010. Manufactured in the UK, their “Reimo style” roof offers a high quality gel coated roof at a fraction of the price.

Austops offer 2 different styles of roof, 1 with rear hinges and 1 with the traditional side scissors. If your van has a non metallic paint finish then it’s possible to get the roof colour coded at the factory for no additional cost.

The roofs are available for VW’s, Vauxhalls, Ford, Nissans’s and Renault’s and when closed only add a few inches to your height, perfect to get under parking restriction barriers.

All Austops roofs are fully insulated and using honeycomb construction gives them excellent strength and rigidity which will prevent sagging. To provide strength to the vehicle, solid front, back and side supports are bonded on. High quality canvas with 2 side vents and a large front window give a feeling of space. A simple push pull hydraulic elevation using gas struts allows for easy operation.

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Who we are

Coming from a variety of different backgrounds, from working for The Camping and Caravanning Club, to fitting luxury kitchens, RV Campers team are a skilled bunch. They meticulously work with you from start to finish ensuring you get your dream campervan. We live and breathe campers, keeping up to date on the latest gadgets, trends and safety information. We regularly travel to campervan shows all over the world to make sure that our customers are getting the very best products on offer. We are all camper addicts, not a week goes by without one of us heading off into the wilds of Scotland to test out a new van or simply explore. This means we know exactly what our customers expect from their vans and we strive everyday to deliver this.